About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Historical Timekeepers will act as a local source of information and coordination while providing structure at any local, regional and national events attended.

The Historical Timekeepers are dedicated to the highest standards of safety, authenticity and accuracy in its portrayal of the life and time of the people that fought, died for and lived in the United States during the War between the states, 1861- 1865.

The Historical Timekeepers promotes and actively encourages all members to participate in patriotic observances and holidays of both the United States and the Confederate States of America. The Historical Timekeepers respects the rights of all citizens to learn more about their national heritage free from coercion or revisionism.

The Historical Timekeepers are open to everyone and celebrates the diversity of all people. We believe that the reasons for reenacting are personal to each reenactor. No individual style of reenacting is more valid than another style and no reason holds more importance over another. We believe that to enhance everyone’s objectives in our hobby we must respect both their reasons for reenacting and the reenacting style. Members are encouraged to develop an individually based scenario, but can not repeat any preexisting scenario(s). The Historical Timekeepers encourage continuing education of it’s members.