Welcome to the Historical Timekeepers

The Historical Timekeepers are a local SE Wisconsin Civilian Civil War Re-enacting group that was formed in 2002, with the purpose of reaching out to people who's purpose was to portray life at the home front during the Civil War. We have over 50 active members and continue to grow!

Many of our members have chosen to portray the trades that were a much needed necessity of the time in the 1860's, including a blacksmith, coppersmith, tinsmith and photographer. Others talk with the public about lady's and gentleman's fashions, popular music of the time, duties as mistress of the home, quilts and their special meanings,  and spies from both the Union and Confederate sides. While in our civilian Civil War camps you can also learn about the many flags of the Confederacy, the abolitionist movement and the underground railroad here in Wisconsin. And our Civil War military men will teach you how the Union and Confederate soldiers drilled and what was expected of a U.S. Sailor. Chances are that you can also see a foreign observer, watching how the Civil War is being won.

So please stay a while and enjoy our site. Browse our reenactment photo gallery for pictures from past events, and see our reenactment schedule for where we will be. There is much to see and explore on the Historical Timekeepers Civilian Civil War re-enactors website.

Upcoming Events